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Running Helped Me Lose 36 Pounds

Share Your Story: How Running Helped Me Lose Weight

By Justin

Updated October 18, 2011

How Much Weight I Lost

36 pounds

What Motivated Me to Lose Weight

Sitting on the couch watching sports and eating potato chips made me think, "What am I doing? I'm 216 lbs ,eating chips, watching sports! This is disgusting! I decided to get off the couch and get on the treadmill. Made 15 min and had to stop! I'm only 37. From that day, I decided try to run 40 km in a week. This first happened on the treadmill 4 months later. January of the next year (I started in September) I started running outside. Funny thing was the first month I started running I never lost a pound! It took about 8 weeks , well then it started , from there I averaged from 2 - 4 pounds a month.

How I Lost Weight

My total weight lost was 36 lbs. I tried to run at least 4 times a week. After 12 months, I was running 5 to 6 days a week. The real trick to the weight loss was decreasing sugar and fat intake. Don't eat white food, i.e. chips, potatoes, rice and bread. If you want cream in your coffee, switch to milk and sweetener splenda. Also many times it is easy to get side tracked. This will definitely happen. Just remember the goal and get back on track.

Get a piece of clothing you can't get into and use this as your goal. Don't look at the numbers on a scale.

Tips and Tricks

  • I cut out cream and sugar in morning coffee , and instead of having a biscuit in the morning I had an orange or apple.
  • also I ran with a buddy who kept me motivated, especially through the winter months. Many times he would say "Come on, you can do it. And also said later, "Fitness doesn't care if it's raining ". Thanks buddy, it was quite a transformation. Long story short, I ran my first marathon that fall, just over one year later. I went from 216 lbs to 174 for the marathon.

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