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Readers Respond: What funny or rude comments have you heard from non-runners?

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Updated October 02, 2012

From the article: What Not to Say to Runners
Have you ever been shocked or offended by a comment made by a non-runner? Share some of the offensive, rude, or amusing, comments you've heard from people. Share Comments


Really, I was shocked by the first commentator who was offended that someone had made the mistake of calling her running "jogging" - she then went on to insult slower runners. Judgemental much?
—Guest Toni

Which half?

When I told my friend I was signed up to run a 1/2 marathon they asked, "Which half are you running? The first or the second?" I just smiled!!!
—Guest Ann


I hate when people ask about my "jogging". I don't jog, I run. Jogging is slow. And usually awkward. I do jogging only during intervals as my recovery before blasting next 400 or whatever. Jogging is someone who is going slower than what I do racewalking
—Guest Cher


Run Forrest Run!!! I swear I heard that so many times!! I just think, "You thought of that yourself? So original!!!"
—Guest tommy


I once had someone ask me, "How long is the New York City Marathon?" and I respond, "It's a marathon...26.2 miles" and then the follow-up to that is, "And how long is the Boston Marathon?"
—Guest Melissa

Your uterus is going to fall out

A woman I know, who by the way is a nurse, told me that running is so bad for me and said that my uterus is going to fall out . Really? I then responded to her, "Well then I'll just kick it to the curb and keep running. At 48 years old, I don't really need it anymore."
—Guest Dawn


A friend who is a non runner and hates sweating or bringing up her heart rate told me "running jiggles all your internal organs, can cause organ damage"...well my thought was maybe if your tummy is full, of course there's some jiggling in there!
—Guest Deafitmom4

Spectator Encouragement on a Marathon

I was running a marathon and @ mile 3 a spectator comment "Good job you are almost done"! I just looked at her..really!
—Guest Anis

Did you really mean to be that rude?

I was chatting about my latest half marathon with someone when another woman looked my up and down and said "I can't believe YOU run." What she meant was, "You are way too fat to run." I should have just asked her why she thought that and put her on the spot, but I was too embarrassed.

True, true, true

Oh golly, that is so true, I hear some of these comments and than I cringe. In the beginning I reacted thinking it would change their mind but it never does. Running is fun, running is testing yourself and we love it.
—Guest Kim

Comments I made to myself

What not to say to runners: some of the comments I've also made to myself when I was in a self-critical mood, like "Why am I still not losing weight despite running so much?"


I don't know why your gonna run the peachtree road race, you're not gonna win


One of the funniest comments from non-runner is "How far is that 5K?"

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What funny or rude comments have you heard from non-runners?

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