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Readers Respond: What Was Your Worst Running Injury?

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Updated July 12, 2010

From the article: Common Running Injuries
After you've been running for a while, you'll eventually have to deal with some running injuries. What has been your worst and most frustrating injury? Was it very painful? Did you have a very long recovery period? Share your experience and advice for other runners on how they can avoid the same injury or deal with it if they're suffering with that injury.

Femoral stress fracture

I had a femoral stress fracture in the proximal shaft of my femur. It was very painful. I had referred pain up into my hip and a lot of bone pain. I would guess it took 2-3 years for it all to resolve.

Partial torn peroneal tendon

Started out as acute tendonitis. Big race was a few weeks away so I decided to run through it. Bad choice since I didn't get to race and it took almost a full year for the pain to go away. It still hurts a bit even now.
—Guest DPUrunner

Worst running injury

My worst running injury was a sore achilles. It was stiff in the mornings, and took a while to get moving. So I took off a couple of weeks - tried running, within a few days it was back. So I took off a month - tried again- again it was back. All told I lost over a year in training. I have had fractures of the foot, spained ankles from soccer - but nothing as long & frustrating as this.
—Guest David Mason

Pelvic Stress Fracture

Unfortunately I have dealt with more than my share of running-related injuries. I have to say the worst in my opinion (and hopefully I won't have to deal with anything worse) is a pelvic hip stress fracture. It has been very painful and debilitating. The advice I would give to other runners–is whenever you start feeling an injury go see a doctor as soon as you can (and if you can’t don’t run until you can see someone). I waited too long to see a doctor and kept running when I was injured (I had thought I had a hamstring injury which in hindsight I should not have been running with either) and that could have made the injury worse. It is now more than 15 weeks following when I got my diagnosis and stopped running. I am slowly trying to get back into running. And the most important advice when dealing with an injury (and I know it can be hard) is try to stay positive–because it will be worth it when you are fully recovered and back to running.
—Guest Elyse

Stress Fracture

Christine can confirm the fun fact that I ran my last marathon with an undiagnosed stress fracture in my fibula! My extended TNT fam got me through the pain and I somehow finished the marathon! I had pain for a few weeks, but everyone including myself thought it stemmed from a bone lesion, two strained tendons, and a muscle knot (I thought I could out-run the pain of those ailments!). I finally got an MRI after the race (and after walking the hills of San Fran with my fellow stress fractured friend) and had to be in a soft cast for 4 weeks and fully immobolized in crutches for 2 weeks. Advice is to listen to your body! I'm in PT now and up to running 2 minutes total, but appreciating every second. It might only be 2 minutes but it's the first time I've run painfree in a few months. Can't wait to get back into the game!
—Guest Noa

Tendonitis and torn meniscux

Been dealing with Brusitis/Tendonitis for in both heals for three years now and have not been able to stretch or run out of it despite visits to many doctors. Additionally ended up with Torn meniscus which doesn't want to heal either. :(
—Guest Tripolii31

stress fracture

I had a stress fracture in my tibia and it's definitely the most painful running injury I've ever had. Part of the problem was that I thought I was just dealing with shin splints, so I kept running on it and the pain kept getting worse and worse. I finally got a diagnosis and the doctor ordered no running for 8 weeks. I ended up taking a full 12 weeks off from running -- the worst 3 months!! But I now have a new appreciation for being able to run without pain and I'm more likely to listen to signals from my body.
—Guest flarunner

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