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Readers Respond: When did you first think of yourself as a runner?

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Updated May 11, 2012

Long wait

After running +/-5km's regularly for 11 years, I finally considered myself a runner after I finished my second ultramarathon in just over a month.
—Guest Dr G

Are you crazy?

For me it was the moment when my friends were like: "Are you crazy? You should take a break, why are you running every day in this weather?" Lol I run every day, be it -20 celsius or +32 celsius. I'm 16 years old female and I love the feeling after finishing my 10 kilometers track!!:)
—Guest Khamza

My first day of xc practice

I first considered myself a runner when I look back at how I spent my time running through the freezing winter snow and the humid 100 degree summer instead of doing something a sane person would do.
—Guest Tay

external vs internal confirmation

External confirmation: I was getting hooked up to a heart rate monitor before my age-induced colonoscopy, when the nurse asked me if I "exercised vigorously." I answered that I run every other day. She asked how long? I answered 2-3 miles. She then exclaimed "Oh, you're a runner!" Internal confirmation: The first time I ran BECAUSE I felt tired and bloated and knew that no matter what my final time/pace would be I would feel much better after the run instead of skipping it.

after my first 10k

After my first 10k, I thought: I want to take running to a higher level. After a run, I feel so motivated, so on top of the world....and I know I will be doing it as long as I can.
—Guest Jo-Ann

First Pair of Running Shoes

When I was serious enough about jogging/running to buy a very expensive pair of running shoes. I was motivated when I saw some women in the neighborhood who were all older than me by at least five years all out jogging/running. I couldn't let them be fitter than me. LOL. So I got off the dime, so to speak and began a jogging program. My husband was skeptical at first but eventually was impressed by dedication. My two sons even called me a "jogger" to their friends. I only wish I had started sooner - I'm 39 but better late than never!
—Guest First pair of running shoes

She was right...

My girlfriend pointed it out to me I guess. I had been running on and off for a couple of years but had solidly for about three years before we met. When I would get out of bed after being out late and run in the cold or heat she started telling people I was a runner. I was just doing what I wanted to do. She was right, I am a runner. :)
—Guest BnNC

House Hunting

I knew I was a runner when the first thing I put in consideration when house hunting is the location of a nearby park or any running tracks.
—Guest Moi

"I'm a runner"

I first started calling myself a runner after I had run/walked a couple of 5Ks then set my goal to run a 5K with no walk breaks. Doing all of those "public" runs required training and the discipline to run often--I was 67 years old and had been walking, doing weights and yoga for several years but was restless to do more. Once I knew I could do run a full 5K, I became a committed "runner"--I still wake up every morning thinking, "what's my running goal for today?" That, and the follow up run, seems to me to confirm that I am "a runner."
—Guest Roberta

Bigger than my cigarette addiction

I have just gotten a divorce and wanted to quit smoking. Running calmed my nerves, relieved my anxiety and gave me a piece of mind. It worked better than my cigarettes. The money I would spend on smokes I spent on a new pair of running shoes. No run, no fun.
—Guest JoAnne

Terrible weather

One day I was out running in freezing cold conditions, terrible wind, rain and some snow as well. It was in the middle of the afternoon but the weather was so bad the streets were deserted. When I saw a couple of guys out running as well and we nodded and smiled at each other. It just hit me there and then that I was actually a runner. Felt great!
—Guest Jamie

after my first 5k

Last year I ran my first 5k. I loved it. Developed a passion for running. Recently ran my first half marathon. I consider running a part of my life style.
—Guest keith

Since I could walk!

I've always been a runner. My parents, my uncles and aunts, my little brother, all my family are runners. Some of my earliest memories are of travelling to races to support them. I inevitably joined a club when I was 6, which was the youngest I could join at. I became a runner from the very moment I began to walk. I am now 15 and have competed nationally and internationally, and I believe that anyone can be a runner if they are willing to put in the effort.
—Guest Ciara

For real

It was after completing my 4th Half Marathon within 12 months that I realized it is not a fluke. I CAN run. I DO like it. I AM a runner.
—Guest Laura

Running when I didn't "have" to...

I knew I was a runner when I was in the Army during advanced training. I started trail running on the weekends with my Drill Sgts for fun (even though we ran during the weekend a minimum of 3 miles / 3 x a week)...no stress, just a nice 6 mile run through the woods and I looked forward to it!!!!
—Guest taterranova

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