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Readers Respond: Why Do You Run?

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Updated May 11, 2012

From the article: 10 Reasons to Start Running
People start running for a variety of reasons. Some run because they want to lose weight, improve their health, compete in races or try something new. Share your reasons for running. Share Your Reason

Coping mechanism

I used to say that running was for those being chased by a pack of wild animals. I changed my tune when my mother was diagnosed with liver cancer. You see, my relationship with my mom has always been complicated - punctuated with emotional and geographical distance. I always told myself I kept my distance for self-protection, but when I got the call from my dad to come home, well, my years of avoidance came to an end. At the end of the day, she is still my mom and I love her even though it hasn't always been easy between us. Anyway, that call brought back a lot of emotional baggage that I made me feel depressed and moody. After days of feeling somber and sleep deprived, I felt compelled to start running. I love the way I feel exhausted afterward - too tired to think and feel anything but physical pain. Running sort of became my drug of choice - some people cope with alcohol, drugs, food, etc. I find comfort in running, a much healthier alternative.
—Guest N.H.

Bumpy road

To see where the road will lead.... It may take some time, but I will get there. Run FAST or be LAST!
—Guest Janet

Feels amazing

I remember the only reason why I started running was just because I promised my friend I would do track with her sophomore year. Even though I moved, I still practice. I love it so much! It's just me and the trail. I have time to think, I feel empowered. When I turn that curb and reach the canal it's such a beautiful view... It's my favorite finish line. :)
—Guest Rose

Running makes life beautiful.

It gives me great energy and positivism. And it is my meditation too. Feel at ease with myself and the world.
—Guest Gopinathan


Running is good for mental wellness.lowers depression and promotes optimism.
—Guest life has value

It's fun & fantastic!

One of my purpose of running is to joint the Military, but I found it fun & interesting. It makes me feel comfortable, healthy & gives me confidence Always. And i Love it Because the Lord is my strength. Though it's not easy from the beginning as I started, but with God by my side, I'm well able & I can do it my own way now!
—Guest Dawap Yakubu Sylvanus

i run...

because I desire to be fit for life................
—Guest Mark

I run because

It's my quality time alone with me, myself and I. When allows me to clear my mind. It also allows me to be one with nature.
—Guest Run 4 Life

Why do I run?

I run because I love how I feel after a run, the sense of achievement and knowing that I did not stop when I am tired, I stop when I am done.
—Guest Adeline

I run...

Some days I run because I feel like I should but I am ALWAYS happy afterwards. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I don't always think about why I DO run, I think about how I feel when I DON'T run and they gets me out!
—Guest Trish

Why I run

I started running last year to train for the Race for Life this coincided with losing weight with Slimming world. I completed my first 5 k race last June, I have lost 7 stones so far and run at 4 times a week
—Guest jackie

I will rise

Why do I run? Life sucks sometimes. Running is my way to escape it. At the end of a day, I can take all the pain, all the hurt, all of the frustration I've collected over the day and forge something greater than myself. Running is my way of showing I'm not going to stay down, and instead I will rise.
—Guest Trevor

Why I Run

I've been running since I was 6 or 7, yes racing at that age too. I am now 17 and I'm on my high school's XC team and it is the most fun I've ever had, I've made great friends and have been able to experience greatness and success through myself and my teammates. I run because it keeps me in-shape, but not only because it keeps me in-shape but it makes you feel healthy and good about your self, it can give you confidence and it can give you peace. I run because it gives me an hour or two out of the day to be at peace and really focus on the important things in life. It gives you a peace that nothing else can, you have the road, path, trail, or mountain to you and your thoughts, nothing more. You can let the world around you fade away and achieve this feeling of wonder and awe. I run because I've been blessed to be able to, I run because it is something that is close to me and is something I never want to give up, I run because I love to run.
—Guest Joe

i love running

I've been running since I was 21 years old. Im 63 now. I run because I want to live a healthy long life. I dont have to tell you the numerous benefits of running. Most runners already know. The body and the mind dont lie to you. The truth is i feel like a million bucks when I run! Running it's more than physical and mental, its spiritual. Running its a gift from God! I love running as i love classical music. Running to me, it's life. Yes, people tells me that i look 15 years younger than my chronological age. I feel young too. I hope to run in heaven too. Keep running, America!
—Guest Joe

i run because

If I don't when I take my shirt off I look like a popped can of biscuits.
—Guest bill

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Why Do You Run?

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