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Readers Respond: Why Do You Run?

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Updated May 11, 2012

From the article: 10 Reasons to Start Running
People start running for a variety of reasons. Some run because they want to lose weight, improve their health, compete in races or try something new. Share your reasons for running.


I run to overcome the obstacles that few people in this world even acknowledge exist.
—Guest Kaccie

Connect with Life itself

Due to my thalassemia, I find running so difficult and challenging that it pushes me to the point where I have to connect with the force that is reason for life. It is beyond the pain barrier. Running allows me to feel me by connecting to my soul.
—Guest life force

Coping mechanism

I used to say that running was for those being chased by a pack of wild animals. I changed my tune when my mother was diagnosed with liver cancer. You see, my relationship with my mom has always been complicated - punctuated with emotional and geographical distance. I always told myself I kept my distance for self-protection, but when I got the call from my dad to come home, well, my years of avoidance came to an end. At the end of the day, she is still my mom and I love her even though it hasn't always been easy between us. Anyway, that call brought back a lot of emotional baggage that I made me feel depressed and moody. After days of feeling somber and sleep deprived, I felt compelled to start running. I love the way I feel exhausted afterward - too tired to think and feel anything but physical pain. Running sort of became my drug of choice - some people cope with alcohol, drugs, food, etc. I find comfort in running, a much healthier alternative.
—Guest N.H.

Bumpy road

To see where the road will lead.... It may take some time, but I will get there. Run FAST or be LAST!
—Guest Janet

Feels amazing

I remember the only reason why I started running was just because I promised my friend I would do track with her sophomore year. Even though I moved, I still practice. I love it so much! It's just me and the trail. I have time to think, I feel empowered. When I turn that curb and reach the canal it's such a beautiful view... It's my favorite finish line. :)
—Guest Rose

Why I run...

I honestly run to run away from my fears. A good source is "Born To Run", a book by Christopher McDougall that has TONS of tips on running.
—Guest Bizzy

It's Totally AWESOME!

I started out trying differnt sports to see what I could possibly be good at. I tried everything from football, to tennis, and nothing seemed to fit, until I heard about my friend doing a sport called "Cross Country". I got into it, and after running for a full year, I was at the top of my team. High school came, and I tried out for the team, AND MADE VARSITY AS A FRESHMAN!! I was so pleased with myself, that I went out and ran another five miles afterwards! Ever since, I have felt great, looked great, and always had a positive attitude, thanks to my running......
—Guest Anonomys

It is my spiritual practice

I run for those who cannot run and for those who will not run. I am blessed with health, so I offer my miles on behalf of those who don't have the time or the condition or even the desire to be healthy.
—Guest Leo

... and why not?

Running has many benefits for physical and mental health. It is a cheap and simple sport, which has good results in no time. In my case, I started with running for health reasons and is currently continuing because it makes me feel good and it shows both inside and out.
—Guest Daniel (Spain)

I just love it

I started to run in the military and just grew to love it. I am not real fast but I feel great every day I run. It helps me start the day and makes me feel the best I can. It is my way to challenge myself.
—Guest MTGal

to feel good about myself

I began running 4 months ago to lose weight for my wedding and now I am loving the way I am looking and the way I am feeling. I have very high anxiety and running calms me down and honestly makes me a nicer person!

nust run

Love to run and couldn't imagine not running. Only time I really like myself.
—Guest west

son's soccer practice

I just recently started jog/run/walk routine on the slopey park trails. It makes me feel so strong when I'm finished, can't wait till next practice,when I'll try to run more than anything!!
—Guest adri


Relatively new to running but absolutely love it. Feel healthy every day and am so glad I've taken it up.
—Guest clara

Just Feels Good!

I started running about 2 years ago and I love the feeling that I have before, during and after the run. I look forward to being out, I love feeling strong during the run, and I love feeling tired, sweaty and achy after! I feel empowered by knowing "I can do this".
—Guest Steffers

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