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Readers Respond: What Life Lessons Have You Learned from Running?

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Updated December 03, 2012

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  • There a lot of lessons you learn while running that can be applied to life. A few of mine are: "Hard work pays off." "The climb is worth the view at the top." "Enjoy the journey, as well as the destination."

    What are some lessons that you've learned from running? Share Your Lessons

    life lesson

    It´s not how fast you go; it´s how far you get/ Some people overcome difficulties, some others simply outrun them
    —Guest luisfernandouribe

    What Life lesson I learned from running

    The life lesson I learned from starting to run 2 years ago was simply that I could do it. I thought I would hate it and I thought I would never be able to do it. Now at 47, two years, twelve 5 K's and 80 pounds later. I love it and can not imagine not doing it. So I guess ultimately I am living the old saying of "never say never". Lesson learned, I can do it.
    —Guest Tom

    What I have learned from running

    Will power is more important then stamina. Will power is the soul of endurance.
    —Guest Mazhar Hussain

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    What Life Lessons Have You Learned from Running?

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