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Readers Respond: How do you stay motivated to run?

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Updated April 02, 2009

Find a buddy

I just started running outdoors last month, three days a week. My roommate is also on board so we each have a buddy to encourage and inspire each other, especially on days when we may be tempted to skip a run. Last night, we had bad energy and both agreed a run was where we has to take it. Feels good to know we have found a healthy outlet to explore together.
—Guest Bensonali

Wounded Warriors

My motivation is being passed by a wounded warrior. I'm a retired CW3 [Warrant Officer] with the Army for 27 years. Sometimes I let the negitivity convinence me not to run [I get out there anyway]. Then a soldier passes me with a prosthesis and booking at an unbelievable pace - now that's what I call motivation - that's my motivation - GO ARMY, GO ARMED SERVICES, GOD BLESS our military men and women hoorah
—Guest Dale Buran

it saves lives!

not mine, mind you. I'm referring to the people I interact with every day that just want to make me take the back of their favorite head and slam it againt the wall. It's my anger managment.
—Guest angry runner

My mother, my weight, myself.

I have three motivators for running. The first is my mother. She used to be able to walk on her own and I remember the things we used to do together when I was a child. Due to damage to her knees and weight issues from an untreated thyroid problem doctors deny she has, she is in a wheelchair. I remember how she used to be and see how she is now. The last thing she would ever want for me is to end up like her. My second motivator is my own struggle with weight. I developed a thyroid problem in college and blew up to 215 pounds. I keep one of the photos of me at my worst in my workout journal. My weight still fluctuates, but with running I know I'm doing everything to keep myself from going back there. The last reason is myself. I was struggling to get weight off and started on a treadmill walking for 30 minutes. The first time I could run 10 minutes outside and didn't want to die, I was hooked. I felt so elated and free that I haven't stopped. It brings me joy and peace.

I will not take it for granted.

I run because it's the one thing I can do for myself. No one will do it for me, it's something I can leave myself accountable to, something I can be proud of. Also, my biggest motivation is my dad. He has walked with crutches since he was 5. (He has suffered from Polio.) He is now 65 yrs old, and dreams of running while he sleeps. It's something he wants most, but will never have. How can I take it for granted when someone I love so much suffers from a loss of it?
—Guest TatorTot


"Mum, how far did you run?" .. One question I'm motivated to keep answering.
—Guest Cathlete

Past Performance...

If you ran the week before...you can run again this week! [:
—Guest Ab


How I got started running...running at work! I worked for a company that had a lot of good looking men. And ladies men love a woman that works out. While on the treadmill I would imagine the men were secretly checking me out and with that thought in mind it gave me motivation to run faster and longer. I would also pair with a coworker that was a more experinced runner than myself and we would pretend I was trailing her. She was a great motivator and my competetive spirit wouldn't let her out run me. You may not want to do and even struggle through it, but after your run you will feel much better. The reward is so much better than the struggle!
—Guest iLoverunning


Put a picture of yourself breathing out on your bedroom wall. That way, you will see yourself everyday looking fat and then it will motivate you to lose weight.
—Guest Danny hig

enjoy it

Running is the best way for me reduce stress and stay fit. I love it. I started out slow, but every day I get faster and stronger. Give it a try.
—Guest run3

Way to go Travis!!!!

For me, it's my 18 year old son. We bought a treadmill and decided it was time to get into shape. My son was more dedicated than I. He ran daily and within 5 months he lost 60 lbs. I am so proud of him. I looked at what he did and the end result was amazing. He is so handsome and proud of himself. So, thanks Travis, we will share pants soon. Dad...
—Guest Jim

how do I stay motivated to run?

I pick out races and sign up for them. Then I feel obligated to train so I'll have a good race. Not to mention I enjoy the runners high I get from pushing myself to my limits.
—Guest melody

Getting Started

Is definitely the hardest part! Once you're past that it only takes two weeks to form a habit. My personal motivation is losing all the extra weight I've put on the last few years. I think about a hot guy (Yes, kind of sad) and how he wouldn't even consider me if he saw me now. I want to be the trophy girl! That keeps me motivated. :D
—Guest Runner

It's my iPod

Whenever my motivation level plummets, I quickly shift to that favourite song of mine. That pulls me through to the target.

How I stay Motivated to Run

One of the hardest things in life is staying motivated when you are doing something you don't especially like! I love running, so I find it easy to stay motivated. I'm excited to challenging my goals and follow a plan. Although there are times on my off day that it can be difficult to get out there and run. This is when I look at my log book and how far I have come with my gaols...All of a sudden it is easy to go out and run!

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