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Readers Respond: How do you stay motivated to run?

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Updated April 02, 2009

Every runner has days when it's tough to get motivated to run. How do you stay inspired to keep up your running habit? Share your motivation secrets. Share Your Tips

New Runner

I was never a runner, I have been a brisk walker forever and up until College I was swimming often. On one of my walks on the strand at the beach I suddenly felt like I don't want to walk anymore I want to run. I tried to and got so fatigued within 10 seconds. I found this run/walk method and have been doing it for about a month and LOVE it. I'm learning to breathe, have better posture and working on my pace. I love running and look forward to it everyday! I feel so much better about my body, my heart, health etc… I eat better because I feel better and I think about about my body in a whole new way. My body is my temple!
—Guest Garzabee


It took me many years to have the courage to join the gym, and my fitness goal is to run 2 miles a day. I'm 47 years old and sticking with it my determination and will power will not let me fail. I'm learning to run little by little and it feels GOOD!
—Guest Mia

I Run For Those That Can't

I'll start off by saying that running didn't come easy for me either. I was around 280 pounds at 21. I had been dating someone that was in the military, so as you can imagine, it was tough for me to keep up. Shortly after I turned 22, I decided I was sick of being slow and tired and fat. I started working out (mostly walking and lifting weights) with a friend. I lost weight, slowly at first, and then one day while I was walking, my feet started moving faster and faster. I was jogging. Slow, but steady. Every day, I increased my time and pace. I started running for myself, my heart, my health, and for the people that I love, but what keeps me going? In 2010 I was in a car accident and was in a wheelchair for several months. I could not walk, and I could not run. Now, I am up and running every day, getting to a healthy weight, and I think about people that are unable to run, and I run extra hard for them because I want to believe that they would do the same for me.
—Guest Britt_CO

People Can Keep You Going

I was never a runner, but my boyfriend is a huge runner and he is my motivation. While he is studying abroad out of country, I am using the "3 weeks to a 30-minute running habit" so that when he comes home, we can go on runs together. He is beyond excited and proud of me- that is enough to keep me going

feeling better/songs

i think i run because it always feels better than not running, although i must remind myself of this. i also *save* certain songs for running only.
—Guest cynthia

Running Streak

I have run every single day since the day before Thanksgiving. There is no way I can break my streak now that I am 72 days in. I want to go as many days as possible!
—Guest littlekk00

Depression killer

I run for a number of reasons, but personally, it's the best anti-depressant money can't buy !
—Guest mmerdude


ITZ is what I use in my head when running and my running partners and I use it when we are eating healthy. In The Zone
—Guest Strick9


I run for so many reasons, but perhaps the biggest one is to forget: Running is sort of like having an off-button to the thoughts you don't really want to hear... Running through sadness and frustration and rage is amazing, as are the physical benefits that help me love my body.
—Guest ROLO

running did not come easy

I never ran in high school. Although I skiied, I was a bit overweight. No one encouraged me until one day my sister suggested I try "working out" in the gym she went to. I was 26 and smoking and heading into depression. Thank God for her. That was 27 years ago and I have been on the fitness track (primarily running) ever since. Over the years my running has waxed and waned due to autoimmune disease. Yet, the running has definitely improved my health enormously. When I can't run, I feel a bit sad but then I try to do more yoga, tai chi or gardening! So a person can change your life. If your overweight or depressed, just get out there and run/walk a 5-10 minutes and increase it. Hang with health minded people who encourage you. I felt threatened by all the attractive women in high school who ran track. I'm glad I'm older because I know when I run I feel good and am happier and nothing really bothers me.
—Guest a little artsy


Hatred really! I have mirrors and use them.... I look at my self and don't like at all what I see. I run on a treadmill facing a mirror to keep me motivated to leave it all every workout everytime. I just want to be a better me and I'm headed there at 6mph.
—Guest gogogo

Family time

My 9-year-old son and I are running together on the "3 weeks to a 30-minute running habit" program - and because we're chatting, the run is over way too soon! The best part of my day is this time with my son (and no phone, no tv, no deadlines, etc.)
—Guest james0in0burnaby

how to stay motivated while running??

Keep the heart healthy and strong and the mind folllows right behind it. They go hand in hand.
—Guest larry wong

staying motivated while running

Running is a state of the mind for the heart and soul. Keep the heart healthy and the mind follows right behind it. They go hand in hand.
—Guest larry wong

To stay fit!

I have been running for 4 months and look better and feel better than I have in years. I was never big but to me I was and I try to run at least 4-5 days a week to feel good about myself!

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How do you stay motivated to run?

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