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Readers Respond: What Do You Eat Before Your Runs?

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Updated May 08, 2010

It's important to eat before runs, especially if you're running long. What do you usually eat before your runs? Have you found the perfect pre-run meal or snack? Share your favorite pre-run foods and get ideas from other runners about other foods to try. Share Your Favorite Foods


Before a long run, a baked potato is my absolute best running fuel. I carry reeces pieces to snack on through the run, plus Awake chocolate (contains some caffeine) really helped on my half marathon.
—Guest Kat

Cereal, lots and lots of cereal.

I'm a huge running fanatic AND a huge cereal fanatic. I work out every day and get my morning started with a nice big bowl of cereal before heading out on my runs or to the gym (but I give myself about an hour to digest to avoid stomach aches).
—Guest viq

My pre-run breakfast

Try the Go- Lean bar from Kashi. They are very filling but not too filling, plus, they are VERY high in protein and fiber. For short runs, I aim around two or three nice bites of it. For longer runs, I aim around half of it and save the rest for a snack.
—Guest Guest Kait

Rice Crispies

A bowl of Rice Crispies (& maybe a bagel/energy gel). I'm a cereal fanatic & tried them all pre-marathon run....it may be psychological, I dunno, but they're light, tasty & I've never had issues.
—Guest Ged


Long runs -oatmeal and banana one hour before. For short runs only a banana.and out the door I go
—Guest Jason G

Cinnamon toast crunch!

Cinnamon toast crunch!!! Not super healthy...but for those long runs and marathons
—Guest Sj

pre-run food

I'll have part of an apple and pb if it's a short run, and English muffin with pb if it's longer.
—Guest liz

what to eat before a run

I always have an espresso and vegimite on 1 toast 1 hr before a half marathon or 14km run.i find it keeps me going till the end of the race. Remember to drink along the way.
—Guest jacko

Hot dogs

Sounds weird but I did an 800m race and got a pb!!!
—Guest Person

Favorite Running Foods

If it's a morning run, I have cereal and a banana (I find oatmeal gives me acid reflux) and before an afternoon or evening run, fruit, yogurt, or bagel.
—Guest Joanne D

Coffee and Dates

The ultimate pre-run meal: a double espresso or a strong cup of coffee with a couple of dates/
—Guest Runner'sGlobe


A potato, punch a few holes in with a fork, and stick in the microwave for about 5 minutes. Good energy, carbs but no fats or protein. I have low blood pressure so eating it with salt tastes good and helps a lot. But not too much. And a banana for runs longer than an hour.
—Guest Marathon runner


I will definitely eat oatmeal before a run, but if it is over 10 miles then I might substitute a bagel with PB instead of oatmeal. And I'll always have a banana.
—Guest Kelsey

go-to pre-run breakfast

Black coffee, 1/2 whole wheat bagel w/ peanut butter, and a banana.
—Guest tom


oatmeal and coffee for sure!!! for longer runs i'll add half of a banana with a dab of PB. sooo yummy and such a good fuel!
—Guest runnerchick

oatmeal and coffee

I always have a bowl of oatmeal and a banana before a long run. If I'm doing a shorter run in the morning, I'll have toast with peanut butter. And I always have to have my morning coffee -- can't get going without it!

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What Do You Eat Before Your Runs?

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