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Readers Respond: What are your weight loss secrets?

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Updated July 12, 2009

Many people try to lose weight by running, but they also use other strategies to help drop some pounds. What are you doing, both running and non-running related, to lose weight or maintain your weight?

average to six pack

Best way for fat loss I learned, was running at a steady pace to where your not out of breath, then sprint as fast as you can for as long as you can. Rinse and repeat running no less than 25 mins 5 times a week (not including cool down). eat a low Cal high nutrient diet and in 3-4 months you will be stoked!! I also incude 25-30 pushups every 5 mins or so. Mixes it up (outside only of course).
—Guest toddw

Get cut

My cholesterol in Dec 11 was 243. I adopted a "hunter gatherer" diet and the excess weight dropped off pretty quick. Now my cholesterol is 100..! Yep. And, I've dropped 30 lbs. These are the last 30 lbs which are the hardest to lose. Just getting rid of the foods you don't find in nature pretty much will do it. Mostly breads and prepackaged foods. I still fry 3 eggs every day and eat plenty of fruits, veggies, nuts, fish, yogurt, chicken and even steak. Making homemade veggie soups, chilli and other mixes for lunches. I'm finally getting cut rather than being fleshy. All this gives plenty of go for my runs. I run 10-15 miles a week. I also notice that I find myself smiling much more easily these days. Don't know if I just feel better looking at myself in the mirror or that the change in diet has affected my mood. Either way, I'll take it..!
—Guest B

Start the day right

I hard-boil a dozen eggs every Sunday. I have one every morning to start the day with protein that helps me feel full until lunchtime so I avoid snacks. I only allow myself to eat the yolk every other day, because that is where the fat is (although lots of minerals are there too!). Having a bowl of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge means I have an easy, lean protein snack whenever I'm starving, so I avoid going for the easy solution of carbs. The egg white has around 3-5 grams of protein and is very low in fat!
—Guest BlueSwimmer


I had a long time away from skiing, hiking and outdoor recreation. I gained 5 pounds a year for ten years. I had no idea what was happening to me. I lost 40 pounds and I am closing in on the 50 mark. I started run/walks at a special park I love. After two weeks I went to the gym and added eliptical equip "runs" and weight stations. Now I ride my bike to the park and gym. I substituted popsicles for after dinner treat and gave thought to exactly what I was eating and how much. These steps have restored my confidence, health and my mind. Exercise and better food choices are the best gifts you can give yourself. Keep in mind "NO EXCUSES" and just do it. Eat breakfast and drink water.

Live a Liver Friendly Life...

...and feel the excess pounds melt away, seriously. Fat is burned in only two places in the body: liver and muscle, hence the age-old fat-loss advice of diet (for your liver) and exercise (for your muscles). Best way to optimise the way your liver works (and this is something I've been doing of late and so attest to its efficacy) is to eat fruit until midday (if you work days and sleep nights, your liver is most active from midnight-midday...sorry, but I can't remember the reference to this); fruit contains enzymes and so is self-digesting and will place negligible load on your liver. So it follows that if you free up your liver to play its role it will, amongst many other other things, burn fat far more efficiently. And don't forget to keep on running! Proof of the pudding...
—Guest Ab


Calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolism Rate) which is how much energy you would use if you stayed in bed all day. The BMR plus all your other activity should exceed calories consumed to lose weight. (Wikipedia has the formula for BMR estimation).
—Guest Call Me Bob

Eat Less & Move More

I had struggled with my weight for many, many years. Yes, I tried almost every diet out there. Whilst, I was able to lose weight. Unfortunately, I was never able to keep the weight off. So I came to the conclusion that I would change my lifestyle. I set out to eat a healthy balanced low fat diet. But I also embarked on regular exercise (which was running). Well the results were absolutely amazing. I managed to lose just over 50 lbs. in 6 months. This was just over 4 years ago. I have since then been able to maintain my weight with ease. How much healthier I feel and look. I really feel like a different woman.

consistency is key

I make sure I get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Some days it's running, but I also do strength training on off days as well as swimming and biking. Even if I walk for 30 minutes at lunch, at least I'm moving and not getting out of the habit. I think if I went two or three days without exercise, I could easily fall off the wagon. Consistency is the key to my weight loss success!
—Guest killer abs

snack portion control

I used to buy the big bags of chips or boxes of cookies for my kids, and I would find myself grazing on snacks, especially in the evenings. Now I buy the pre-packaged bags of snacks (100 calorie ones) and my snacking is under control. I'm not as tempted any more to "sneak" some snacks and, if I do have a snack, it's limited to 100 calories.
—Guest runner jen

Have Fun

I lose weight over the summer by simply having fun. I lift weights for an hour and play basketball as much as I can. For those short on time, I would toss a football around with a friend, especially one that has no aim, or can throw how you want it. You may work up an extra sweat to run and catch the ball. Lastly, this is my favorite tip: Do something extra. For walkers, you can follow what I do and dribble a basketball while you walk, or walk with light weights. Anything is better than an ordinary, everyday workout.
—Guest thumper

Sit Down When Eating

I've lost 27.5 pounds in a little over 4 months (yep, 1.5 pounds a week) by exercising and sitting down at a table whenever I eat. No more eating in front of the computer, tv, grabbing things on the go, etc. If I'm hungry, I sit down and eat something. If I want a brownie, I can have it, but I have to sit down. I try not to deny myself, but just think before and during the times I eat.

Keep the weight off.....

JOURNAL. It's a key for me. I lost 50 lbs with my journal and still enter daily so I can maintain and never go back there. It holds me accountable and I make better choices, stay on track. I lost the 50 without ever running. Did lots of other cardio (ellip, stairmaster, walking) and only now have started to run - in the beginner stages.

Eating real food...

I started following a rule from Joy McCarthy, a holistic nutritionist. She said that 80% of the time, you should eat food that loves you back! 20% of the time, you can have those food luxuries. Best thing I've ever done! I've found that livestrong.com and the running.about.com are excellent resources as well. I recommend joyoushealth.wordpress.com too, it's Joy's site and she's pretty amazing. I've found focusing on being good to myself is the best medicine, and I also eat organic dark chocolate EVERYDAY! :)
—Guest thr

Track Everything, Drink Lots of Water

I lost 60lbs in 9 months. I drank lots of water (12 8oz glasses a day) and tracked everything I ate, which led to smaller portions. I increased my fiber intake too. A month into my "life-style change," I began running. I followed "Couch to 5k" That's when the pounds really started to come off. Now running is a big part of my life.
—Guest Alice Wagner

bad carbs

I find it's easier to lose weight and feel less bloated if I avoid white breads and snacks, chips and diet pop (I try to only drink one diet soda a week). If I ignore these rules my pants will definitely shrink!

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