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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Running Shirt Slogan?

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Updated January 16, 2011

Runners love to express themselves on their shirts. Do you have any running shirts with funny or inspirational slogans or quotes on them? Or have you seem memorable running shirt slogans while running? Share them your funny or inspirational running T-shirt slogans here.

Distance runners do it longer.

"Distance runners do it longer." Or "Run like a Virgin" (as in Craig virgin)
—Guest Runnergurllll

School 5K slogans

"When being chased by a grizzly, you only need to be faster than the person behind you" And "If you're feeling good during a race, don't worry, you'll get over it"
—Guest Tatum


my mom bought me a t-shirt and it said this: Hey! i think i just passed you!
—Guest anna cenci

Funny running shirt

"I thought they said "Rum". Seen at Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon...made me laugh while running!
—Guest Nikki

Running Shirt

on back of shirt: "If you can read this, I'm beating you"
—Guest JDB

Fun logo

"Real athletes run, while others chase balls"-heard this from my mom.
—Guest Gianna

My Personal CC Slogan on Shirt

We have, (front of shirt) "Real Athletes Run" and (back of shirt) "Everyone Else Is Just Playing Games"
—Guest Leigh Person

Sign from crowd

A recent Sign in the crowd during a half/full marathon, ''Worse parade ever!'
—Guest Melissa

Facebook Group

I hate it when I'm out jogging and people mistake me for Usain Bolt.
—Guest Isla


"I Bust Mine to Kick Yours" on the back of my cross country sweatshirt
—Guest runner

1/2 marathon mom

I just saw this on the back of a shirt worn by a mom that made me smile: "13.1 miles of complete silence."
—Guest jerseygirl

1/2 marathon shirt

Seen at a race: 13.1 - because I'm only partly insane.
—Guest Guest Craig


It's the damn .2 that really kicks your ass. (seen on Cafe Press and I want one)
—Guest Dana

Gave me a much needed chuckle

Seen on back of older guy's shirt at mile 16 of San Diego Marathon: • "expected finish time-->Tuesday about noon"
—Guest Winedaze

A Discouraging Put-Down

Saw this one on the guy ahead of me at about 20 miles into the San Francisco Marathon: "I may be fat but I'm ahead of you".
—Guest Dwight Moberg

distance t-shirt

This one is on the back of my distance t-shirt from track; "Run hard when it's hard to run."
—Guest kristen

Running Shirt Slogan

I saw this one on back of a guy's shirt running the Half Marathon in Pittsburgh, PA about 10 years ago: Race Official Do Not Pass!
—Guest Paul

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