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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Running Shirt Slogan?

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Updated January 16, 2011

Runners love to express themselves on their shirts. Do you have any running shirts with funny or inspirational slogans or quotes on them? Or have you seem memorable running shirt slogans while running? Share them your funny or inspirational running T-shirt slogans here. Share Your Slogans

School 5K slogans

"When being chased by a grizzly, you only need to be faster than the person behind you" And "If you're feeling good during a race, don't worry, you'll get over it"
—Guest Tatum


May the course be with you ... This is one of my favorites! I also used if you can read this you are behind me for my track jacket, but of course when I got my jacket I wore it during my race and of course I got last place, so no one read it that time! I can always hear people read my jacket out loud to themselves and I can't help but chuckle!
—Guest Sarah

my coach

Our track teams shirts: Run fast, turn left. (one of our runners has problems remembering to turn left, he falls asleep on the straights) Our coach: I am a track coach. To make things easy, let's just assume that I'm right. Personally? Where's the hill?
—Guest XC runner

running fun

I love running the streets especially at night...the only time i can run and not look crazy
—Guest linda

When you're behind

I love this one, but at school and all it's a little frowned upon... "You're behind, so how's mine?"
—Guest Guest Carissa

Funny on a sports bra

"Abs (abz) - plural noun. See below for definition"
—Guest Emma


I have seen at least three of these that my team thought of... This is awesome. Some other ideas... (Track tee) Run fast, turn left. Sooo... When do we hit the hill?
—Guest XC runner


"I'm only doing this so I can post a picture on facebook." (Wore for my first half marathon.)
—Guest Minda


My slogan is: The Finish Line is the START of my next race.
—Guest dilma camarillo

Cross Country

"Looks can be deceiving; our workouts are a lot longer than our shorts."
—Guest Emily

Funny running shirt

It read: Of course marathon running is a tough sport If it was easy we would call it Football

my favorite quote ever

Real athletes run cross country. Everyone else is just playing with balls.
—Guest Christian

t- shirt

On the back of my t-shirt it says "run away with me"and my other one says"catch me if you can"
—Guest Natalie

Cross country slogan

Real athletes run miles others just run yards -my teams XC shirts
—Guest Jason

High School Cross Country

The best cross country shirt I've seen in person said "I'm Bringing XC Back". Made me chuckle through the whole race!
—Guest Cassie

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What's Your Favorite Running Shirt Slogan?

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