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Readers Respond: Running Quotes for Motivation

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Updated September 17, 2009

Getting it over and done with

This too shall pass. It's a great motto if you feel tired or fatigued.
—Guest Kyla

Keeps me focused...

The goal you set is the goal you get! This keeps me going in running and in life!
—Guest Lynda


As I was running this morning I realized to be or not to be was never a question. It is a choice!
—Guest Jackie

stay positive

'I am the best runner in the world! I can do this!' I try to stay away from double negatives (e.g. I will not give up) because when you're really tired your mind tends to focus on only half of it (e.g. give up).
—Guest Holly

I become my own personal drill sergeant!

When I start to feel fatigue, I say "Pain is WEAKNESS leaving the body!" It really helps me put my big girl panties on!
—Guest Taylor

just do it!

...heart desease isn't going to get me!! Diabetes can get lost! High blood pressure, hit the road! Not me.
—Guest Nancy

A golden opportunity

Running longer and/or faster, without getting injured, gives me the opportunity to be proud of myself.
—Guest racano116

running in bad weather quote

Whether the weather is fine, or whether the weather is not, Whether the weather is cold, or whether the weather is hot, We'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not!


I AM A RUNNER because my runs have names. I do tempo runs and threshold runs and fartlek runs. I do long, slow runs and track workouts. My runs are defined, even if my abs are not. I AM A RUNNER because my shoes are training equipment, not a fashion statement. The best shoe for me is the one that makes me a better runner. I choose the shoe that goes with my running mechanics, not my running outfit. I AM A RUNNER because I don't have running outfits. I have technical shirts and shorts and socks. I have apparel that enhances the experience of running by allowing me to run comfortably. I can say "Coolmax" and "Gore-Tex" in the same sentence and know which does what. I AM A RUNNER because I know what effort feels like, and I embrace it. I know when I'm pushing the limits of my comfort and why I'm doing it. I know that heavy breathing and an accelerated heart rate--things I once avoided--are necessary if I want to be a better runner.
—Guest TonyC

Think of the person you hate the most

Think of a person you hate the most and pretend that they are racing you. The race determines outright who is a loser and who is a winner do you wanna be a loser to your most hated rival?
—Guest Max


One that I yell to my cross country running daughter and her teammates: "If you ain't DYIN', then you ain't TRYIN'!!!"

Always Improving

"I'm better than yesterday, and ready for tomorrow."
—Guest L


I am. I can. I will..................................
—Guest Ethan_C

try harder!

"Just because something is difficult, doesn't mean you shouldn't try. It means you should just try harder!"

When it gets tough

A quite simple one but I like it ... "suck it up buttercup!"
—Guest Bruce

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