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Readers Respond: Running Quotes for Motivation

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Updated September 17, 2009


My daily challenge is not to actually do the run; but, to get out of my warm bed and head out to the park and start running. I always feel stronger when I get back from my runs.
—Guest Dilma Camarillo

Mind Over Matter

"Your legs are not giving in, your head is giving up." This reminds me that if I take stock of how my body feels, it's usually willing to keep going. It's my willpower that is weak.
—Guest Newbie

Shortest distance

The shortest distance between point A and point B, is 42.195 meters
—Guest Smokemonkey

run with me

run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run,run. just put on your shoes and run with me:))
—Guest mark w

From hubby's engineering professor

"Suffer now, suffer later. Don't suffer now, suffer MORE later."
—Guest Lynry

Chinese proverb

Taste bitter, end sweet - in other words, difficult effort = results you can be proud of - got this from a kid's book in the Percy Jackson series
—Guest Lynry

Helps me stay positive during long runs

Never allow your mind tell your legs what to do. During a long race negative thoughts will creep in. When they do repeat this 5 times. Happy racing
—Guest Guest Louise

never back down

generally we realise after giving up so never give up don't give up never back down
—Guest nitishnagpal

Discover yourself

Run and you will discover yourself. Run and you will discover yourself.

No tears, only dreams

Got me to a 40 minute 10k in 4 months. This has saved my life.
—Guest Tyler W

Just keep swimming...

Sounds funny, but funny is why it works for me. If I chant this in my head in the voice of Dory (Finding Nemo), both my motivation and my mood go way up again.
—Guest Ronnie

I can!

When I start feeling tired, I chant this using the rhythm of my steps.
—Guest Jib

"The Strong Get Stronger"

When you run the best you can, and put in the very most you have to give, you can only get stronger.

I feel good, I feel great!

I chant his when I start thinking about stopping. I time the chant with the rhythm of my foot steps to overwrite my thoughts to quit.

Favorite Running Quote

Out there -- along the streets, over the trails, in the fields, on the pathways -- I walk, I jog, I run. I breathe, I see, I hear, I feel. I am amazed. I give thanks. --- Bob Cochrane on "running" while training for his first event at age 54 - May 2012
—Guest pnbchrane

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Running Quotes for Motivation

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