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Readers Respond: Running Quotes for Motivation

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Updated September 17, 2009

From the article: Motivational Running Quotes
Many runners use motivational quotes or short phrases known as mantras to help get them through runs. Do you have any running quotes that keep you motivated? They don't have to be about running to inspire you, of course. What are your favorite inspirational quotes to keep you running? Share Your Favorite Quote

Favourite inspirational quote

Written on my bib with an autograph by Kathrine Switzer - "Be Fearless"
—Guest Jane Hodgson

Take it easy

When having a hard time, tacklinng a hill, or running against the wind and rain, just give your body a break, and repeat, " take it easy, take it easy" in time with breathing and footsteps.

I think I can

Chant.. I think I can on up hill...Then chant I knew I could on the down hill.....
—Guest Leeann

Think how far you've already gone

when im starting to struggle with a negative mindset during a run I personally like to think to myself "look how far you've already come, and look how far you've got to go" 99% of the time the distance already covered is greater than the distance needed to go, so if you've already covered a greater distance with relative ease then there's nothing stopping you from covering the shorter distance ahead...another favourable quote "pain is simply weakness leaving the body" so lets bring on the pain! :D
—Guest kieran

push, push, push

The last few miles of a race when things feeling pretty hard
—Guest Bev


Came out of abusive marriage now I run Because I Can !
—Guest Diane Blanton

4 steps

Nothing's - gonna - stop - me ! - Nothing's - gonna - stop - me ! ...
—Guest Yosh

whenever i feel i can't go further

"A drummer with a drum in a dream in a dream" especially when you repeat this rhymed words with a rhythm, it feels hypnotizing.
—Guest muammer

Competition fuels me

"I'm stronger, see, I'm beating you." (referring to all the runners I pass by)
—Guest Marlcaunn Daeineem


Lions.... Zombies.... Angry wives.... in my head they are all chasing me
—Guest Eek

When I get tired

When I get tired I simply say over and over.....Who can....I can!
—Guest Big-C

Coach Liz

Practise does not make perfect, Perfect practise makes Perfect. Wayne McLellan, Schomberg, Ontario 1980
—Guest Elizabeth Stewart


I thought up this quote and it helps me tremendously and I use it for STRENGTH and ENDURANCE when I am tired and exhausted on a run. "Recycle the pain. Use ALL of your emotional/mental pain and life struggle and RECYCLE IT. Dont waste it. Turn it into Fuel. Use it for The Good!!"
—Guest Kerrie Magee

Miracles happen.

And sometimes, it's really hard to believe you can finish, but miracles do happen.
—Guest Jes

something a coach said

"Your body doesn't control you, you control your body"
—Guest ellies

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Running Quotes for Motivation

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