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Readers Respond: Running Quotes for Motivation

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Updated September 17, 2009

From the article: Motivational Running Quotes
Many runners use motivational quotes or short phrases known as mantras to help get them through runs. Do you have any running quotes that keep you motivated? They don't have to be about running to inspire you, of course. What are your favorite inspirational quotes to keep you running?

Ad Astra Per Aspira

This latin phrase translates to "To the Stars Through Difficulty". It is my running motto and reminds me that success comes through hardship.
—Guest Rochester Runner


I love my body I am somebody I will be all that my will let m be
—Guest Sanders

Running Mantras

Run fast or be last. Run fast and the pain will past. Head up, legs up. Dig deep, breath deep.
—Guest b.thompson

Go until you physically can't go anymore

"No tears, just glory." Repeat to yourself until you finish what you started.
—Guest @hardmayme


Here we go All the Way, every day no sweat easy run gotta go All the way
—Guest Luis

Sheer willpower

Well, the phrase works for me. I did a long run just yesterday and if not for repeating 'sheer willpower' over and over I would have just given up mid-way.
—Guest Visitor

I feel good, I feel great!

I chant his when I start thinking about stopping. I time the chant with the rhythm of my foot steps to overwrite my thoughts to quit.

Favorite Running Quote

Out there -- along the streets, over the trails, in the fields, on the pathways -- I walk, I jog, I run. I breathe, I see, I hear, I feel. I am amazed. I give thanks. --- Bob Cochrane on "running" while training for his first event at age 54 - May 2012
—Guest pnbchrane

don't stop

'Keep moving forward." (Disney) I guess the key to running is by not stopping until we reach our individual target distances. Once we succumb to the mind's initial desire to stop for a rest even for a short while, we might tend to make much more stops along the way knowing just how good the previous one felt. So we should aim to keep moving forward until we reach the end point.
—Guest guestrunner

A Reward

So I'm only 12 and just started running in track. I can run up to 3 miles but I tell myself, "the work I put into it is the work I get out of it", and tell myself if I get through it my reward is a 6 pack ;)
—Guest Zoski

Obstáculos no caminho

"Os obstáculos não estão no seu caminho, eles foram colocados por você."Marcelo Cardoso
—Guest Marcelo Cardoso

Just Keep Going

This just sort of came to me when I first started running and always wanted to stop before I was finished. Plus it reminds me of Dory singing "just keep swimming" and makes me smile.
—Guest McK

Perseverance is like the stone cutter

Perseverance is like the stone cutter. He strikes at the stone 100 times and it doesn't break. But on his 101st try it breaks. It wasn't the 101st strike that broke it but the effort of the previous 100.If we think rationally, if we keep trying we will reach our goal evantually.Our goal does not grow for it is constant. WE aren't. That is why we can achieve it.Our dreams are like targets all we have to do is keep firing arrows and one will have to hit sooner or later.All by me.
—Guest zugsvhEmGKRE

My Motivation/Inspiration

When I was a little kid, my grandfather used to say "that boy is going to be a great marathon runner someday". Even though I'm 32 now, sadly he passed a couple years back, I WILL prove that he was telling the truth besides proving to myself that I can. Training for my very first 5k that's coming up in April 2012.
—Guest Joshua S.

We love u!!

You can do it baby!!! We're so proud of u!!! Ur an inspiration to us!!!
—Guest Jose Lozano
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