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Readers Respond: What Running Shorts Do You Recommend?

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Updated July 27, 2009

Wearing the right running shorts can definitely make your runs, especially long runs, more comfortable. Do you a favorite pair of running shorts? Why do you like them? Share your recommendations with other runners.


The absolute best! I've had everything from Sugoi to Champion to Nike shorts and the Lululemon ones are, by far, the most comfortable. More than that, the drawstring is one-piece, so it can't ever come out.
—Guest Melissa

Nike Adidas

I own at least one running short of each brand, and they are very comfortable... they are quite expensive shorts... but you should look on the clearence or sale link on web pages
—Guest Luis B

Champion C9

I love the Champion running clothes that Target sells. You can't beat the bang for the buck. The running shorts have all I need: liner and a hip pocket. And they last very well and fit perfectly.
—Guest Leibo

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