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Christine Luff

Get Over Your Porta-Potty Fears

By April 29, 2012

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One way you know you're a runner is when you actually don't mind using a portable toilet (porta-potty) and you have at times even been excited to see one. But there are plenty of runners who dread using a porta-potty or maybe still haven't attempted to use one at a race. If you fall into one of those categories, here are some tips for dealing with porta-potties:

Be prepared with your own supplies. Porta-potties usually start out fully-stocked with plenty of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, but they inevitably run out. Bring your own toilet paper and a small bottle of hand sanitizer, so you're prepared, just in case. You'll be able to check your extra supplies in your race bag at the start (or you could always leave them in a porta-potty for the next runners).

Don't forget to lock the door. To avoid getting caught with your pants (or shorts) down, turn around and lock the door, as soon as you step into the porta-potty. If other runners see that a porta-potty door isunlocked, they'll try to open it without knocking first.

Use the hover method. Many women have already mastered the art of hovering, or not fully sitting on the toilet seat,when using public bathrooms. I don't know if it's because of pre-race nerves or poor lighting, but people tend to have worse aim in porta-potties at races. So, if ever you wanted to start hovering over the toilet seat, now's a good time to give it a try. Most porta-potties don't have those sanitary toilet seat covers.

Hang onto the handle. Most porta-potties have a handle on the back of the door that you can hold onto. This will help you keep your balance when using the hover method (see above).

Get more tips for using porta-potties.


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