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Christine Luff

Early Spring? I'll Take It!

By February 2, 2013

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I know it's just a tradition and Punxsutawney Phil is said to be wrong at least half of the time, but I was excited to hear that little groundhog is predicting an early spring. I hope he's right because it's been tough to get motivated to run in 20-degree weather. If your motivation has been lacking this winter, here are some ways to stay motivated to run until the weather improves:

Warm up inside before you head out. Often it's the thought of that first frigid 10 minutes of running that keeps us from going outside for a run. To help avoid that uncomfortable feeling for your first mile or so, try marching or slowly jogging in place for a few minutes inside before you head out. It will especially help warm up your feet and hands, which are often the most uncomfortable body parts during the beginning of a cold run.

Sign up for races. Doing road races throughout the winter is a great way to guarantee you'll a) keep motivated to stay in shape and b) run outside, at least occasionally (for the races).

Run with a group or a buddy. Find a local running group or recruit a friend to run with you. Knowing that someone is waiting for you will help motivate you to do those chilly runs.

Shop for running clothes. If all else fails, you could always try some retail therapy to beat the winter blues.  Many running and sporting goods stores have marked down their winter running clothes, so you could score some great deals and maybe give your motivation a little boost.


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