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Arm Warmers for Runners

Keep Your Arms Warm on Chilly Runs


Updated October 23, 2013

Arm warmers are great to wear when the weather is cool at the start of a race or run, but you know you're going to warm up a lot. They'll keep you warm if you're cold, but you can easily fold them down or stick them in your pocket once you heat up. Here are some great arm warmers for runners.

SmartWool Arm Warmers

smart wool arm warmers
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These arm warmers are made from soft merino wool to provide excellent temperature control and moisture management, and are reinforced with stretch nylon to maintain fit. The seamless construction eliminates bulk and increases comfort
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Asics Arm Warmers

Asics Arm Warmers
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These soft, knit arm warmers stay in place without constricting your arms. They'll keep you warm in cool weather and can be easily removed if you warm up while you're running.
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Ibex Arm Warmers

Ibex arm warmers
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These Ibex arm warmers are soft and cozy, yet they offer protection from wind and cold weather. They stay in place and provide a snug fit, without being so tight that you have circulation issues. The 5 oz. arm warmers are small enough to fit into your pocket when you don't need to wear them.
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Moeben Armsleeves - Solid

moeben arm warmers solid
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The armsleeves are made from a nylon/polyester blend, so they'll wick away moisture, and can easily be folded down or stored in your pockets. They come in several solid colors, including black, yellow, white or pink.

Moeben Armsleeves - Print

moeben arm warmers print
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
These funky-looking armsleeves offer the same features as the solid Moeben armsleeves, except that they come in colorful prints, such as tie dye, camouflage, or tattoo.
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