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World Class and Famous Runners

The running accomplishments of famous runners are always inspirational and motivational. Find out about some of the best and biggest running stars, past and present.

World Class Distance Runner Kara Goucher
Learn about the accomplishments of world class American distance runner American Kara Goucher.

Deena Kastor
Learn about the accomplishments of American record holder Olympic bronze medalist and marathon runner Deena Kastor.

Celebrity Marathon Times
Can you beat Oprah and other celebrity marathon runners? Here are times for some celebrity marathon runners.

Steve Prefontaine Quotes
Get inspired with these running quotes from running legend Steve Prefontaine.

Running Quotes from Famous Runners
Get motivated with these running quotes from famous runners.

Running Quotes from Bill Rodgers
Get inspired with these running quotes from American running great Bill Rodgers, winner of four Boston and four NYC marathons.

Running Quotes from John Bingham
Running wruiter and speaker John "the Penguin" Bingham has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to run for fun, fitness, and self-affirmation. Here are some classic running quotes from John Bingham.

Running Quotes from Olympic Runners
Great runners are an inspiration to watch, but they all say a lot of inspirational things. Get motivated with these running quotes from Olympic greats.

Running Quotes from George Sheehan
Get inspired with these quotes from the late Dr. George Sheehan, a best-selling author from the 1970s running boom:

Running Quotes from Grete Waitz
Read running quotes from running legend Grete Waitz, the 9-time winner of the New York City Marathon.

Fred Lebow: The Father of the NYC Marathon
The documentary, "Run for Your Life", tells an inspirational and educational story about Fred Lebow, the father of the New York City Marathon.

Ryan Hall: U.S. Marathon Man
Check out the profile of American Olympic distance runner Ryan Hall.

U.S. Distance Runner Shalane Flanagan Profile
Check out the profile of one of America's top female distance runners, Shalane Flanagan.

Running Quotes - Running Quotes from Female Runners
Get inspired to run with these running quotes from famous female runners.

Celebrity Half Marathon Times
Find out the half marathon times of celebrities, from actors to politicians.

Celebrity Running Quotes
Many actors, musicians, writers, politicians and other famous people run for exercise and fun, sometimes right alongside other runners in marathons. Here are some quotes about running from celebrities.

Running Quotes from Joan Benoit Samuelson
Read motivational running quotes from women's distance running legend Joan Benoit Samuelson.

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