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Group Training for Runners

Many people start and stick with running because of the social aspects. Get information on group training, including running clubs, charity programs, running camps, and coaches.
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How to Find Running Partners
If you usually run by yourself, you're missing out on a lot of benefits of group running , such as improved motivation and better performance. Here are some ways you can try to find running buddies.

5 Ways to Be a More Social Runner
Running can expand your social circle and keep you more motivated to run. Here are some ways you can meet other runners.

Find a Running Group
There are lots of benefits of group training, from improved motivation to expanded social circle. Not sure how to go about finding people to run with? Follow these steps to find a running group.

How to Behave During Group Running
If you're running with a group, it's important to stick to some basic etiquette rules. Here's how to be a polite and respectful runner when you're with a group.

Benefits of Group Running
Running is often thought of as a solo sport, but you're missing out if you always hit the roads by yourself. Learn about all the benefits of group training.

How to Find Romance Through Running
There are plenty of single runners out there who are eager to meet someone who shares their passion for running. Follow these steps to increase your chances of meeting a future mate. Even if you don't make a love connection, you may find a great running partner.

Tips for Training for and Running a Race With a Running Partner
Training and running with a partner can help improve your running motivation and even boost your race performance. Here are some tips for having a successful experience training and racing with a running partner.

Tips for Running with Your Significant Other
Running with a buddy can help your motivation and, if that person is your significant other, it gives you a chance to spend some time together. But it's not always easy to work out with your sweetie, so here are some tips for making it an enjoyable experience:

Tips for Running with Your Dog
Dogs can be great running companions. If you want to get your dog to be your training partner, follow these tips to keep him safe, healthy and comfortable:

How to Leave a Running Partner During a Race
Running with a buddy definitely has its benefits, but you may at some point find yourself in that awkward position of wanting to run faster than your running buddy during a race. So what's the proper way to leave your partner behind without feeling like you're abandoning him or her? Here are some tips on avoiding hurt feelings and a messy race day break-up with your running partner:

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