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What to Expect from a Hash


Showing Up: Hash Time

Not all hashes are alike (remember that for each step of this walkthrough), but many run on hash time.

In Austin, TX, for example, running on hash time means that a start time of 2p actually starts around 2:30p. In other hashes, if they say it starts at 2p, it may start at 2p or at 3p. So be prepared to show up on time and perhaps to wait. Don't be discouraged if you show up on time and no one is there. Just wait for awhile, they're probably just running on hash time.

Whenever you show up, don't wear new shoes or a race shirt. Just trust me on this one.

  1. Showing Up: Hash Time
  2. Don't Be Suprised by Their Names
  3. Start the Run
  4. The Beer Check
  5. More Trail
  6. The On In
  7. The Circle
  8. The On On On, or On After

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