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Find out how to prevent and treat common running injuries and ailments, and discover all the ways running can keep you healthy.
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Can I Run With a Cold?
Can you run with a cold? It all depends on your symptoms. Find out when you should and shouldn't go running with a cold.

Should I Run Through Pain?
Learn how to distinguish between discomfort and injury when running.

How to Get Rid of Side Stitches
Get advice on how to prevent and get rid of side stitches or cramps.

Running Injury Recovery Tips
Learn how to physically and mentally get through the rest and recovery process after a running injury.

Self-Treat Running Injuries
Most runners have to deal with some aches and pains during training. Find out how you can initially self-treat your injury.

Common Running Injuries
Despite your best injury prevention efforts, you may find yourself dealing with some aches and pains. Learn more about these running injuries, their causes, and treatments.

How To Prevent Running Injuries
Many running injuries can be easily prevented. Follow these tips to keep yourself running safely and comfortably.

What Not to Say About Health Issues
When talking about diseases, health conditions, or healthy living topics, people sometimes make insensitive or ignorant comments. Here are tips on how to improve communication and clear up misconceptions about health topics.

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