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Mental Training/Motivation for Runners

Get advice on staying motivated to run and strategies for how to prepare mentally for your training and races.
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Running Motivation Tips
Here are ways to improve your running motivation to get out there and keep running.

Top Excuses to Not Run - And How to Beat Them
Sometimes we have the best intentions to run, but something gets in the way. Here are some of the most popular excuses for not running -- and how to make sure you don't fall victim to them.

Tips for Increasing the Distance of Your Runs
One of the biggest challenges new runners face is increasing their distance. If you're just getting started with running, try some of these strategies to make your runs longer -- and more enjoyable.

Mental Tips for Marathon Running
Here are some tips on how to win the mental challenges throughout a marathon.

7 Ways to Sneak in Running Time
No time to run? You're not alone: Lack of time is one of the most popular excuses for missing regular runs. Take these opportunities to get moving.

8 Mental Tips for Long Runs
Some runners find that their body is willing to run longer, but it's too hard mentally to keep going. Follow these tips to help win the mental battle while running.

Tips for Managing Pre-Race Jitters and Performance Anxiety
Almost every runner experiences pre-race jitters or performance anxiety at some point. And it usually doesn't go away as you become a more experienced runner. In fact, some runners put even more pressure on themselves as their race performances improve. Follow these tips to successfully manage your race performance anxiety and use that pre-race...

Tips for Recovering from a Bad Run
All runners have runs when we just don't feel great. You feel like you're trudging through the run, just going through the motions, and counting down the seconds and steps until the run is over. While it's tough to get through those types of runs, it's sometimes even harder to deal with the disappointment and frustration you feel after the run...

Can I Listen to Music During Runs?
Many people like to listen to music when running, but there are several disadvantages to running with headphones. Find out why you should think twice before putting on those headphones.

Ways to Get Out of Your Running Rut
Get tips on how to avoid getting stuck in a running rut, and make your runs more fun, interesting, and motivating.

How to Avoid Burnout from Running
Some runners go through periods when they feel like they need a break both mentally and physically -- from running. It sometimes happens after completion of a big race that they've been working toward for months, like a marathon. It's tough to stay motivated once you've reached that major goal. To help avoid reaching that point of burnout...

How Can I Boost My Confidence About Running?
How can a beginner runner boost her confidence? Get some tips.

7 Reasons to Run a Race
Running races can fun and motivating, but some runners are nervous to register for their first road race. Here are some reasons to sign up to run a 5K, 10K, or other race distance.

How to Set SMART Running Goals
Here's how to set running goals to keep you motivated.

Boost Your Mood While Running
If you're feeling tired, bored, or just grumpy while running, try some of these tips to boost your mood.

6 Tips for Busy Runners
If you find you often don't have enough time to run, try some of these tips for busy runners.

How To Beat Boredom on the Treadmill
To maintain your running motivation, try some of these tips for beating boredom on the treadmill.

How to Deal With the Naysayers

8 Ways to Love Running
If you have moments when your love for running is fading (and who doesnt?), here are some ways to re-ignite the spark.

4 Ways to Be a More Resilient Runner
Feelings of laziness and fear are common for runners, but there are things you can do to make yourself more resistant to those urges. Here are a few ideas on how to be a more resilient runner.

6 Ways to Distract Yourself When Running
Whether you’re suffering through boredom or some physical discomfort during a run, it helps to try to distract yourself. Here are some strategies to try.

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