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Running Music Playlist: '80s Mix

Go Back in Time With These Running Songs


Updated June 16, 2014

I started running in the '80s, and these were some of my favorite running songs back then. Anytime I hear any one of these tunes, it brings back great memories and still gets me energized! If you're looking for classic '80s pop and rock songs that you love singing along to, this is the perfect running songs mix for you.

1. Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

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I confess: I was a big Journey fan back in the '80s and I still love their signature song, despite many awful karaoke renditions of it that I've heard over the years. Besides, what runner couldn't use an inspirational mantra like "Don't Stop Believin'"?

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2. Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners

One of my favorite '80s tunes, this song's catchy beat and fun lyrics always gets me pumped up. At the end of a long run, you can just swap out "Eileen" for your name and imagine Dexy's Midnight Runners cheering you on to the finish.
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3. Message in a Bottle - The Police

This is one of those songs that can help distract you during a long run because you start thinking things like, 'What three things would I want if I were on a deserted island?'
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4. Modern Love - David Bowie

This classic from 80s music icon Bowie is perfect for the second half of a run, when you need a little extra "giddy-up" to get you through to the end.
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5. One Way or Another - Blondie

This hit from the 80s has great energy. It also describes how I sometimes feel about finishing a tough run -- I'll get it done "one way or another!"
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6. Dancing with Myself - Billy Idol

An '80s mix wouldn't be complete with a Billy Idol song. This upbeat song is great for a fast-paced workout.
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7. Karma Chameleon - Culture Club

This hit is always a great distraction during a run because I start remembering Boy George's crazy outfits in the '80s. His trend of men wearing make-up never really caught on, huh?
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8. Just Like Heaven - The Cure

This bouncy classic from The Cure is another good one for the end of your run or the fast portion of an interval workout.
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9. Take On Me - A-Ha

Right from the first note, this song makes me feel like moving. The video is also one of the best from the '80s.
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10. Come Dancing - The Kinks

This peppy tune always puts me in a good mood!
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