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Training Schedules and Race Running Tips

Races are a fun and motivational way to keep running. Get free training schedules for your next race, as well as tips on how to run faster and smarter.
  1. 10K Training Schedules (16)
  2. 5K Training Schedules (19)
  3. 8K or 5 Mile Training Schedules (6)
  4. Half Marathon Training Schedules (7)
  5. Marathon Training Schedules (7)
  6. Tips for Running Races (30)

How to Train for and Run a 5K Race
Ready to train for and run a 5K? Get free 5K training schedules and tips for 5K training and running.

All About Training for and Running a 10K Race
Get free 10K training schedules and tips about 10K training and running.

All About Running and Training for a Half-Marathon Race
A half-marathon race is 13.1 miles long, which is exactly half the distance of a marathon. Here are training tips and schedules for the half marathon distance.

Race Day Tips for Running Your First Race
If you're fairly new to running, here are some tips for running your first race.

Common Fears About Running Races
Worried about your first road race? Here are some common fears about running races with advice on how to overcome them.

Common Racing Mistakes to Avoid
Making mistakes during road races is very common, especially if you don't have a lot of experience running races. Here's how to avoid common racing mistakes.

How to Take Water from Aid Stations in Races
Successfully running through the water stops in a road race takes some practice. Follow these steps when running through water stops in races.

Strategies for Running a Faster Race
You could shave some seconds or maybe even minutes off your race finish times by using smart racing strategies. Whether you're running a 5K or a marathon, here are some tips to try during your next race.

Mental Tips for Marathon Running
Running a marathon tests your mental strength as much as it does your physical fitness. Here are some tips on winning the psychological battles throughout the race.

Running Etiquette Tips for Races
Find out how to be a polite runner when running in races.

Finish Line Tips
When you're training for a race, especially a big one such as a marathon, you may think about how you'll feel at finish line, but not exactly what to do once you cross that finish line. Here are some tips for what to do at the finish line.

Miles to Kilometers Conversions
Here are the kilometer equivalents for some common distances in miles.

Can I Run a 5K Without Training?
Is it possible to run a 5K without training? Get the answer.

What Should I Wear in a Race?

6 Fun Theme Races to Try
If you're getting bored with your regular running routine, try shaking things up with one of these fun theme races.

How to Put on Your Race Bib
Follow these steps to make sure your race bib is secured properly.

7 Tips for Mud Run Success
Mud runs are a great way to get out of a running rut and take on a new challenge. Here are some tips for taking on a mud run.

How Far Is 1500 Meters?
Find out the distance of a 1500 meter race and how to train for it.

Commonly-Asked Questions About 10K Running
Getting ready for a 10K race? To help calm your nerves and ease some of your fears, get answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions about 10K running.

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