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Common Racing Mistakes to Avoid


Updated May 16, 2014

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Racing Mistake #3: Starting in the Wrong Position
Marathon Start
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The basic rule of lining up for any road race is: Faster people in front, slower people in back. But some runners position themselves too far up, so they start at a pace that's too fast for them (see Racing Mistake #1). Or, some runners start too far back, so they end up having to weave through crowds of slower runners and walkers.

The racing solution: If you think you're going to run faster than a majority of the field, get closer to the front. If you're a slower runner or walker, go toward the back. Many races have posted pace signs for minutes-per-mile. Bigger races have assigned corrals, based on your previous race times or your estimated finish time. Try to start near your estimated pace. If there aren't any pace signs or assigned corrals, ask the people around you what pace they'll be running, so you'll know if you're in the right spot.

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