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How to Avoid 7 Common Weight Loss Mistakes


Updated May 16, 2014

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Mistake #4: Skipping Meals
Some people skip meals thinking that they'll save calories. But that strategy usually backfires. Our bodies have a built-in survival mechanism to conserve calories when we go for a long period of time without eating. So, when you skip meals, your body slows your metabolism to prevent you from starving. Also, skipping a meal will make you hungrier, which increases your temptation to eat everything in sight.

How to Fix It: Try to eat five to six small meals each day, or three meals and some healthy snacks in between. You'll find that eating mini meals will help maintain your energy levels throughout the day and keep you from feeling hungry (and then binging) all the time. If you skip meals, such as breakfast, because you don't have time, try eating something quick like cereal, peanut butter on toast, or cottage cheese and fruit.

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