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The Runner's Rule Book Review

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Updated March 17, 2012

The Runners Rule Book
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The Bottom Line

The Runner's Rule Book is a witty yet practical guide to all the unspoken rules of running.
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  • Funny yet practical guide.
  • Useful for beginner and experienced runners.


  • So good, I wish it was longer than 166 pages.


  • Describes more than 100 "rules" of running.
  • Very entertaining and hilarious commentary about the sport of running.
  • Also includes a useful runner's lingo glossary.

Guide Review - The Runner's Rule Book Review

Aside from the physical challenges, running can feel overwhelming to a beginner because of the many rules associated with the sport. I'm not talking about the rules posted on a sign at your local track or listed on a race website. I mean those unstated rules – the real rules -- that are passed on from one runner to another. They include advice such, "Don't wear the giveaway race T-shirt during the actual race" and "You don't have to jog in place at red lights." They're the kind of things that distinguish the newbies from the more experienced runners.

Now, thanks to Mark Remy and the editors at Runner's World magazine, runners can find all these "rules" in one place. The Runner's Rule Book provides answers to runners' burning questions about etiquette, lingo, gear and behavior. From the practical ("Run against traffic") to the humorous ("Post-race bagels must be dry and taste like aspirin") to the thoughtful ("Never miss a chance to thank a race volunteer"), Remy addresses more than 100 unspoken rules of running. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned runner, you'll love Remy's witty commentary about running and undoubtedly find yourself quoting his axioms to your fellow runners.

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