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Asics Running Quotes


Updated February 02, 2014

Asics is known for making running shoes, but their ad campaigns also help inspire many runners. Here are some running quotes from Asics to get your motivated for your runs:

1. "Running releases more than just sweat."

2. "Races don't begin at the starting line, do they? They don't really start until it's just the pack running shoulder to shoulder with no one around. Doesn't it add some excitement knowing the race isn't really won at the finish line with everyone watching? It is won somewhere along the course, where no one can see."
-On cross-country running

3. "First you feel like dying. Then you feel reborn."
-on running marathons

4. "Let us ask you something. And tell us the truth. There's only one person who will know if you don't finish today, isn't there? The same person who knows you finished yesterday."

5. "Running cleanses the mind and body."

6. "This is the truth. The clock doesn't stop until you force it to. That is the elegant beauty of track. It is the simplest, and hardest, of sports. Hear a gun go off, and run fast. That's the simple part. The hard part is, run faster than anybody else out there. This is the truth. The clock will run until somebody makes it stop. It might as well be you, don't you think?"

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