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How to Find a Specialty Running Store

Get Properly Fitted for the Right Running Shoes


Updated June 13, 2014

Finding a specialty running store that will properly fit you with the right running shoes is critical to your comfort, running performance and injury prevention efforts. It's not always easy to find one in your local area, so you may have to travel a little and you may have to pay a little more with the superior customer service. But it's well worth your time, effort, and cost. Once you're fitted for the right shoe and you're happy with them, you could then order them through the store or online, without having to go through the trouble of doing another shoe fitting/gait analysis.

Here are some tips on how to find a specialty running store:

Look online.

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Do a search for local running store and see what turns up. Try to find stores that cater specifically to runners, general sporting goods stores. You can also check the Fleet Feet Sports website. They have specialty running stores all over the U.S., so you can see if they have a location near you.


Ask experienced runners.

Someone who's been running for a while will know where to find the closest specialty running store.

Ask local running clubs.

Check out running clubs' web sites – they often have recommended partners listed. Or call/email the club organizer to ask for recommendations.

Inquire at your fitness club or gym.

The staff most likely will know of specialty running stores in the area.

To be sure, when you get a recommendation for a running store from someone, call the store and ask if they do shoe fittings and gait analysis for runners.

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