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Marathon Tank by Skirt Sports

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Updated March 08, 2011

Marathon Tank by Skirt Sports
Photo courtesy of Skirt Sports

The Bottom Line

The MarathonTank by Skirt Sports is a comfortable, lightweight and supportive that's great for long summer runs.


  • No need to wear a sports bra underneath
  • Comfortable, lightweight


  • Runs a little small
  • Only comes in three colors – pink, white or black


  • Racerback design with straps that won't push, pull, or strain your neck, but will support all day long
  • Built-in shelf bra offers A/B or C/D support
  • Contrast mesh fabrics align in all the right spots, for femininity and moisture management
  • Added length covers your tummy and stay put while allowing for movement during running

Guide Review - Marathon Tank by Skirt Sports

When I run in really hot weather, I hate having to wear both a sports bra and then a tank top or short-sleeved shirt over it. But I also don't want to run around town wearing just a sports bra on top! The MarathonTank from Skirt Sports solves the "layering" problem in the summer because you can wear just the tank – the support is built in!

And the women at Skirt Sports did not create a "one size fits all" shelf bra. The MarathonTank comes in A/B or C/D support. One caveat: I tried the A/B tank, so I can't attest to the supportiveness of the C/D tank for bigger-chested women. Also, the tank seems to run a little small.

The tank's material is very breathable and wicks away moisture, which is important for warm-weather running. This is a comfortable, lightweight tank that's also very stylish. It pairs very well with Skirt Sports' MarathonGirl Ultra running skirt.

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