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Group Training Works!

Share Your Story: Your Half Marathon Story

By aliceliza

Updated December 30, 2009

Half Marathon Name and Date

Murfreesboro Middle Half Marathon, October 2, 2009

Number of half marathons completed


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How I Trained for My Half Marathon

I trained with a group at a local gym. We started in the beginning of March. We would run 1 minute, walk 1 minute for 30-45 minutes and then increased the running time to running for 30 minutes straight by June. We ran 3 times per week in the mornings (approx 3 miles) and starting July we ran longer distances on Saturdays.

I had NEVER run a race before or consistently trained and was actually in poor shape when we started. Getting involved with the group of people made a HUGE difference for me.

I did 2 5K races in the summer and a 10K race about 3 weeks before the half marathon.

How I Ran My Half Marathon

I ran most of the race, walked when I needed a break. My pace is very, very slow - I do about a 11.5 minute mile and finished the half in 2 hours 56 minutes. I ran with some of my running buddies during the 1st half and listened to motivating songs on my iPod during the 2nd half.

I was pretty sore in the 2nd half of the race. There were so many great people cheering us on in that half that it helped a lot. I just kept thinking, "Keep going, keep going, keep going."

That feeling of accomplishment at the very end of the race was so overwhelming. It was my first time to run that far. I was so overwhelmed with emotion - I started crying out of joy after the finish line (that's very out of character for me).

Lessons Learned

  • Having a goal like a big race made me stick to it.
  • The week of the race I tripled the amount of liquids I drank.
  • During the race I drank liquids at every single water station and ate sport beans which I had with me.
  • I think I should have stretched more each day, especially on the days I didn't run.
  • Shoe inserts, a good sports bra, sweat-wicking shirts and good socks are your FRIENDS.
  • Don't give up. Ever. Making that personal connection to people early made a huge difference for me. I made myself accountable to them by keeping the timer for our walk/run intervals.

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