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Share Your Story: How I Became a Runner

By HisPeanut

Updated June 19, 2010

Why I Became a Runner

I started two yrs ago to use running to help get my bones back.

What I Did:

At 59, I started running just past a couple of houses, then walking, then running. Next thing I knew I was running a half hour and could do some hills. Now I am 61 and have run two races. Best thing I ever did was get the five fingers minimal running shoes. I ran a few times last week with regular shoes -- my knees were bugging me afterward. Yesterday I used my five fingers and NO PAIN, so the proof is in the knees! I love these shoes. They look silly but I run correctly on the front of my foot and feel so much better.

How I Did It:

I knew I would have to start at zero. It was a slow process but I felt so good every time I went out and went a little farther. I found this site to be very helpful with all the hints. People on the forum are so nice.

Lessons Learned

  • At the Senior Games last week, I made the mistake of trying to keep up with a woman who turned out to be the fastest one there. My second race ever and after the first mile my legs turned into elephants. My finish time was 32:40 because I ended up playing catch up. Two days before my trial 5k, my time was about 28:40. So I was psyched for that, but didn't run MY race. Tomorrow I run a 5k again and have been practicing the course this week running at MY pace and will be happy to be me. At 61, I think I am blessed that I can run!

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