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Readers Respond: Why Do You Run?

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Updated May 11, 2012

Because I can

I never thought of myself as an athelete. Never thought I could lose weight. NEVER thought I could be a runner. But here I am 40 lbs lost so far, and running. Running builds self confidece, is empowering and I believe I can be that athlete. I still have a ways to go with running but if I stick with it I know I can do it. falling, running and loving it. It is empowering,and confidence boasting
—Guest Saturnrun

All Around Better Person

Running makes me feel good about myself. It releases and creates pressure. The pleasure of being covered in sweat is greater than eating a spoonful of calories. I'm blessed to have the ability to run. I might not be the fastest, but I get where I need to be, on time. Running gives me a new perspective on the world around me. It makes me "swallow the big frog first." Conquering the hills is more satisfying than doing a flip off the swing. Running teaches me how to take a deep breathe and slow down your pace of life. Doing this, you can find God anywhere. He's standing with water at the finish line! Running makes me competitive and a team player. Competing with my team and those around me makes me a stronger individual. Running in my group against other teams makes me a better friend and encourager. Running takes you through pain and to a place you've never been. We can all overcome pain, it just takes time. We can all travel the roads, it just depends how you get there.
—Guest Runner

Running everything

I am 13 years old girl and I love running more then anything else. It feels so amazing when I close my eyes and let the wind take me further. When I get a cramp, I don't stop, I keep moving on.
—Guest viva semenova

For my mind and body

I'm 14 and I started running in about 7th grade. I never once thought I'd be running before I start middle school cross country and no about 3 years later I've never regretted it, it's helped me become a better person and has given me confidence in myself along with the athletic benefits. I hope many people start doing it because it can change your life!
—Guest Joe


I run for the things that id like to give or share to others
—Guest jm

Why I Run?

I like everything about it. The feeling of accomplishment, the positive mental benefits, and the way my body feels afterwards. I can eat what I want and No gym membership required. Achieving longer distances and better times makes me feel good about myself. The days of preparation before and the electricity in the air before a race are addictive. Running fills such a part of me that I am much less demanding of others.
—Guest James

Loving to Run

I love to run, it is my passion I put in around 30 miles a week and love every second of it. It is nice to be healthy and fit. I remember when running a mile was hard and now look where I am! Little by little you work your way to the top:)
—Guest runner

to feel the way I used to...

I am 48, and very athletic, but I started feeling older, more wrinkled, gaining some fat on my hips. I was thinking I will never look the way I used to, when I was 20 and I ran my one and only marathon. So, I signed up for Fred's Team (A charity team) to run the NYC Marathon. I could barely run 3 miles, although I played a lot of tennis. I wanted to know if I still had 'it' in me, if I could get 'it' back, if I could feel the way I used to. I now am 5 weeks away, have followed the training guides religiously, and can run 18 - 20 miles, noooo problem. I feel great, strong, happy, and powerful. I can't wait to run this marathon, but I am dreading this glorious training being over, so I signed up for another one, too. I no longer think about aging, wrinkles or the onset of menopause, because I feel so fit, healthy, capable and great. It is a gift to myself.
—Guest EH

why do i run?

I run because its fun! I enjoy having a good workout and doing what's best for my body. Running definitely helps with health and at my young age I want to stay healthy and stay fit. That way I'm always prepared for my soccer games and all the other sports I partake in!
—Guest anonymus

Gods blessing

Why do I run? Especially now at 55. Having two cages in my back from surgery I always give God glory for Letting a surgeon put steel in my back allowing me to walk without pain. Well my thought and talk is I'm great no pain. So I started playing basketball again and though I was tired it felt Good. Watching my wife train and run 1/2 marathons and a full marathon intrigued me. So I started training for a 5 k scheduled for August 4th I will be ready. But I see my competitive side coming out. I want to always Beat my previous time. It's the thrill of getting better. And knowing Gods awesome and through Him all things are possible.
—Guest Jerry

I run for myself, helped by encourage

I've never thought about it properly, so I guess I've never set myself a proper reason. At first I wanted just to lose weight. But now it's gotten to a stage where it's more about self-confidence, stamina, and feeling special. I feel special because I get alot of encouragement from people I hardly even talk to. THey think you're so awesome because you're able to run... Which is funny, because it's so easy in the end, they dont even know. And because something that easy can give me so much back. And it's social, and I run with my sister and my dad is also a half-marathoner. I guess I look very up to him. It brings me closer to my family. And closer to me, who I am.
—Guest lolmariapie

personal goal and health

4 years ago I could barely climb a flight of stairs. I started walking then fast walking then a little 30 second sprint. One day I thought if I could run a mile once in my life. I remember my first mile. I reemember the day I ran 3 and was exhausted the rest of the day. I remember the day I ran 10 and my legs hurt for 2 days. Then I had an accident but not from running and tore my meniscus. Didn't run for 3 months. It waas horrible. I'm back at 7 miles and a half marathon one in my life would be awesome. It makes me feel good and health is important.
—Guest colleen

Running is Awesome!

Im just 14 yrs old that I want to have abs and running or jogging is one of the steps there and its really fun I can run longer without stopping helps build up my muscles sometimed and my. Legs forms too I really look athletic causse of the muscles :3
—Guest Rigel

because I can

Everyone always asks me why I run. My knee hurts whenever I run. Yet I keep doing it. It brings happiness to me, clears my mind. Over all I just love it. Every time I go out for a run, I always start with a great smile on my face, and finish with one too.
—Guest guest anonymous

Run for Friendship

Running will get you more friends whom you meet along the running track or when you take a friend or two, you will get to know more of him/her. Running is sharing your health and your life. It makes you alive and aware that friendship is beautiful.
—Guest Siao Ing Ong

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