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Readers Respond: Why Do You Run?

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Updated May 11, 2012

why I run

I have been running for 30+ years and I have found many reasons to love it. First of course is that it keeps me healthy and happy. I have found that I can push myself to limits that I didn't think possible and feel rewarded in doing so. I don't always feel like going out for a run, but feel so satisfied when I finish.
—Guest ghostrunner

My life is running!

Started running when my ex-wife and I separated two years ago. Main reason I began to run was to lose weight in hopes that someday I would have a tone shaped body since I was going to be single again someday. Lost 45 pounds within 8 months, ran numerous 5K's, 10K's, a 10 mile run and half marathon and I feel absolutely great! Slim/Toned like I've always wanted to be, of course there is always room for improvement but within time I will fill in the gaps. There is also definitely something about running that just... clears your mind and gives you peace within yourself. I'd have to say I'm definitely an addict!
—Guest Oscar

Weight Loss

I started running at age 48, lost 30 pounds, and feel great. I can honestly say I don't "enjoy" the run, but love the feeling knowing I can run. I've completed many 5K's and hope to run a 10K. My stress level goes up if I don't run. The good feeling after is worth the 30 minutes of running.
—Guest 50+ runner

Time for myself...

As a competitive swimmer through college, I was used to being face down in a pool for 2 hours a day. It gave me time to think about everything or nothing. In the water, I worked through problems, practiced a mantra, encouraged myself, or just enjoyed the sound of water. I had always said that I would only run if I was being chased. After college I was in need of an outlet for my new worries and stresses of being a 2nd grade teacher. Reluctantly I started running. It took me awhile to get into it. I will admit, it hurt and I was out of my comfort zone. But, now having had completed 2 half marathons, loads of 10ks and 5ks, and just logging many miles I can say I am completely hooked. I can run with a friend and catch up OR just spend time in my own mind. If you are reluctant too give yourself a chance. It won't happen right away. But I hope you will find a special place for running in your life.
—Guest gg

It makes me feel great!

I started running three years ago +/-, the main reason was health, I was overweight... but not anymore, and now it's just part of my weekly activities. I like it a lot and I'm feeling great! never before I had run a 10K and I did it a few months ago; I'm 40 and feeling better than ever!
—Guest AC

Just For Me !

I run to free my mind....just for me..I only wish I'd started 10 yrs ago. I am 39 and run everyday! What an empowering experience, I hope I can run FOREVER x
—Guest nicpic

Running is a gift for life long happines

Running creates a new way to look at life. Everyday challenges seem so minor. The feelings of happiness from a run are extraordinary and last all day long. My daily tasks are solved through my deep thoughts as I run. It is a therapy all in its own.
—Guest Irene

Helps stress/depression

Suffering from depression and high stress levels. Running is helping this sooo much, don't know why I didn't try this before!
—Guest SamB69

Not Sure

Not sure why, but love the monotony, time to think, work through issues and generally sort stuff in my head. Got great thighs too!
—Guest Lisa

love running

I started running 2 years ago. I was walking for exercise. Two co workers were running, and I wanted to try something different. I am 48 and never could do it when I was younger. It makes me feel good and relieves stress. I do 5ks and half marathons someday. Hope to do full marathon -- my first attempt failed but i tried too soon. I love the feeling of crossing the finish line -- such an accomplishment. Anyone can do it at any age. I never thought I could, but I am glad I tried it.
—Guest runner1963

I just love it :)

I run almost every day and it's my favorite thing to do. I'm the only 15-year-old I know that wakes up before 6 AM to go run, but I could care less. It's worth it to me. Running makes me feel great, and I LOOK better now too! I'm at my happiest when I run. I've been at it for six months straight now, and I'm never ever going back. :)
—Guest Kayla


I run every day for half an hour, all day I feel so relaxed.
—Guest http://www.66fv.com

Addicted to running

When I run, I feel like everything will be ok. No matter what my emotions are, I can make them evaporate-by either pounding my frustrations out on the ground or obtaining that serene feeling of calmness wash through me. Though I only just started running a half a year ago, I'm addicted. Like someone else said,"Running, it seems, is an insanity that keeps so many of us sane."
—Guest Addicted to running

Push myself too hard

I dread most of my runs because I know at the end I'll be dry heaving. I push myself too hard. I remember being an 18yr old running 17 minutes in the 5K. Can't do that anymore. I just kill myself thinking I can at 43. But I love that I can still get out there.

Para sentirme mejor

I love running -- it makes me feel better and happy!
—Guest Atrapa tu amor

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