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Readers Respond: How Does Your Running Blog Help You Stay Motivated?

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Updated November 19, 2009

Do you have a blog about running? If so, why did you start and what do you get out of it? Does it help you stay motivated?


I have been blogging about my races for years. It motivates me to run harder and take pictures. I show up for myself more because of my blog. Its a great way to share my running stores. I started out on a one marathon journey and now I am on number 14.

one step at a time

http://www.sophies42k.blogspot.com/ A running diary of a girl, who's training for the 2013 NY marathon.
—Guest Sophie

Great Advice for Runners!

I have been running for about 10 years now. I started by blog to stay motivated and hopefully share what I have learned with fellow runners. http://runnersglobe.blogspot.com/
—Guest runnersglobe

my run through life

My blog is a light-hearted look at my" run through life" complete with my photos and cartoons. It has been such a great run that I look forward to more!

Girl Meets Road Blog

http://girlmeetsroad.blogspot.com My blog to track my progress and keep me motivated, in running and life.
—Guest Anita

Running free

http://runningfreeblog.blogspot.com/ Journal of a 50 something runner in the West of Scotland
—Guest Andrew

Russ Is Running

http://russisrunning.blogspot.com/ I recently started running and even more recently started my running blog. My hope is it will help to keep me motivated and if I happen to write something that someone finds helpful that's even better.
—Guest Russ

Keeps me accountable

I started my blog ( http://bk2127-runningonempty.blogspot.com/ ) nearly a year ago as a way to post my thoughts and feelings as I started exercising for the first time in a very long time. I have a couple friends that follow the blog so it keeps me accountable when they ask me how things are going in my training. It also reminds me why I am running. As I've been having a little motivational crisis lately it was good to go back and read my old posts. It reminded me how much I have come to enjoy being on the road and improving my health.
—Guest bak2127

Train for 5k

I started my blog, www.trainfor5k.blogspot.com as motivation to fulfill my New Year's resolution and complete a 5k race.

running for a balanced life

www.stubbornturtle.com I'm a slow but determined runner who lives in two cities so not great for joining running groups. Decided to share my exploits on the web - and set up a challenge to honour my hero (Terry Fox)

My running blog

http://offthelongrun.wordpress.com/ I started running a couple of months ago as a challenge to myself and to raise some money for charity. I ran my first ever 10k race (6.2 miles) last week and I am now a committed runner. Read my blog, make a comment, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks Alex

running for the baby

My blog site is http://runningforthebaby.blogspot.com/ I started the blog to help me keep track of my running progress and to help motivate me to lose some weight and be more active before my first child arrives in December.
—Guest dsarge13

Log keeping

It helps me to keep my distance and times run, running the same course every other day, rain or shine. I can only do 3 miles and my time is coming down to 27:11 secs


http://southwardlivi.blogspot.com this is my blog, let me know what you think of it :)
—Guest Livi


I track my training in www.iexerci.se. I can plan my runs and weight training months out. There's a food diary. It's connected to twitter and there's also a groups bit where I can blog if I want to or see what other people are doing. It's fab!
—Guest littlepoppett

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