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Readers Respond: How do you control your food cravings?

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Updated April 05, 2009

After a long run or a hard workout, it's tempting to indulge your cravings. So how do you keep your cravings from turning into out-of-control binges?


When I feel a craving coming on, I rinse my mouth with mouthwash. Helps avoid extra calories and trips to the dentist!
—Guest tomrunner

Get out of the kitchen.

The closer you are to the food, the more likely you’re going to eat it. I go upstairs and get busy with something else, or else I’d be opening pantry and fridge doors.
—Guest Sharlene


When I'm craving something and I'm not hungry, I go for a run, do some sit-ups, squats -- anything to keep my mind off of food!
—Guest rebecca

keep tempting foods out of the house!

If I know my favorite foods (cookies, ice cream) are in the house, I have no willpower! So I just don't buy them. If I'm having company and I have tempting desserts in the house, I send them home with guests. I don't trust myself!
—Guest Shannon

beauty treatments

When I feel a craving coming on, I try to give myself to a manicure or pedicure -- anything to keep my hands busy and my mind off of food!
—Guest mandy


I see if I can make all the spaces between my teeth clear - it takes longer than flossing, so it gets me through those warm summer evenings when cookie dough ice cream is knocking at my door!
—Guest Jenny D

healthy snacks

I get massive cravings for chocolate..but over the past months I ate fruit or a fruit salad instead when I had the craving, and it worked! The cravings went. If you vary the fruit salad a lot it won't get boring, try exotic fruits, adding oats or raisins or gogo berries, add a low fat yogurt occasionally.
—Guest becky

hot liquids

I like to have a hot drink when I am really craving something-tea, hot chocolate, whatever (as long as it isn't something with more calories than what I'm trying to avoid!). Seems to make me feel fuller faster so I don't indulge, or at least eat less than I might otherwise.


I keep packs of gum everywhere and pop a piece when a craving hits.
—Guest ronnie

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