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Financial Stress

Readers Respond: How Do You Save Money on Running?

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Updated June 15, 2011

Running is not an expensive sport, compared to sports like golf or skiing, but you can still spend a lot of money on running shoes, gear, race entries, and other things. How do you try to cuts costs on running? Run only local races? Make your own sports drinks? Share your money-savings tips and tricks with other runners.

running on a depressingly tight budget

First off, I'm a major bargain shopper. I get target's line of technical gear (c9). It's actually really decent and decently priced but I also hit the clearance racks and try to buy off season to save more. Things I use a lot of I buy in bulk--drink mixes and socks mostly. Buy a giant bottle of sunscreen (I prefer no-ad at Walmart) and divide it into smaller bottles to keep in the car, at home, in my pocket (I'm a dog walker so I wear it pretty much every day all year). I try to put away a small amount each check so at the end of the year I can buy a new pair of shoes and rotate them in (always wait till end of season and end of year and holiday sales!) And seriously, with time and internet access you can find almost anything you could possibly need for cheap. Just takes patience. Just started half marathon training and i don't use gels--medjool dates and candy bought in bulk. No gym membership--everything you need you can find if you try hard enough.
—Guest Ally

last year's running shoes

Whenever Asics comes out with a new model of my favorite running shoes, I buy a couple of discounted pairs of last year's model. They're usually the same exact shoe, just different colors, so I can get a discount on the shoes and not sacrifice quality.
—Guest tom

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